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The care you want and need, Right Now!

The care you want and need, Right Now!

The care you want and need, Right Now! The care you want and need, Right Now!

The care you want and need, Right Now!

The care you want and need, Right Now!

The care you want and need, Right Now! The care you want and need, Right Now! The care you want and need, Right Now!


 The Concierge RN is currently able to offer services in California, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Depending on location, visits may require a 48-hour notice. Call or text for service availability outside of these areas.

What people are saying about the concierge rn

"If you're looking for someone who is passionate about taking care of people, and has outstanding clinical skills, look no further. Over the time I've gotten to work with, and get to know Nakia, she's become one of the few people, that if she were taking care of my family, I'd be at ease." ~Nelson G.


Avoid the long waits and uncomfortable ER by calling a trauma certified Concierge Nurse first.


Speak directly with The Concierge RN about your health needs and even avoid unnecessary and costly trips to the ER by speaking with a certified trauma nurse first. During this phone call, The Concierge RN will determine the need for further care, either by myself or a traditional medical facility. If you do believe you are having a true emergency, you must dial 911 instead of setting up this or any other service with The Concierge RN. Your health is of the utmost importance!

Concierge Nurses can monitor your health and educate you on symptoms to monitor for and when to contact your doctor.

Wellness Support

Stay in the comfort of your own home while I come to you! I will listen to your needs and assess you and your situation to find the best outcome for your health. I will provide education to you and your family about your healthcare, diet and lifestyle but I don't stop there! I will educate on proper vital signs techniques, injections, glucose monitoring, oxygen use and so much more! Whether you are dealing with a chronic ailment or a new diagnosis, I will help you navigate through your healthcare and feel empowered. My goal is to keep you healthy and at home where you belong. Patients who receive Concierge Nursing services report that they feel calmer, they can think clearly and remember their health history and questions and the most obvious benefit is that their vital signs don't go crazy due to the stress of being in an office surrounded by strangers. Contact me directly today to see how Concierge Nursing can be a benefit to you or your loved one!

Concierge Nurses provide 1 on 1, patient-focused care while they educate and advocate for you or your loved ones.

Patient Advocacy

Let The Concierge RN walk alongside of you while I help you to interperate your diagnoses, test results and medical jargon that the doctor uses. I will help you get your needs and concerns addressed! 

Many patient's and family members do not know the proper questions to ask or even recognize that a question needs to be asked which can lead to frustration and even more time and money spent trying to get your questions answered. Patient's oftentimes leave the appointment frustrated and confused or worse yet, they think they have a grasp on their healthcare when they actually do not. As a result, a rapidly growing number of patient's are not getting the proper care they need. I understand the importance of educating you on the most effective ways to take care of your body, so that you can live a long, healthy and happy life! 


In our modern society, everything is changing including how you receive your healthcare needs! Telehealth is the perfect way to get personalized, 1 on 1 healthcare with the added benefits of flexibility and decreased cost. This option is also perfect for those looking to receive Concierge Nursing service where distance or timing may be an issue.

Concierge nurse uses tele-health to conference with a patient and their doctor.

Concierge nurse uses tele-health to conference with a patient and their doctor.

respite care

No matter what your loved one's needs are, you need a break! The Concierge RN will provide exceptional comfort and care to your loved one while you rest, attend to your own needs, have a night out on the town, or even take a vacation! 

Respite care for your loved ones

Respite care for your loved ones

Range of motion and activities of daily living support

If you are wheelchair or bed bound and have contractures or are wanting to avoid them, it is extremely important for your physical limitations and pain levels to keep your body moving! The Concierge RN provides ROM exercises as well as support with ADL's to keep your body at it's highest level of function, and to do things that you haven't been able to do in a long time. With concomitant massage therapy and holistic pain relieving lotion, The Concierge RN has been able to restore function to patients that have lived without it their entire lives!

The Concierge RN prefers a holistic approach whenever possible.

IVF Injection training/support

IVF is probably the biggest, scariest, most exciting thing you will ever go through. Not to mention the most expensive! Usually family planning takes time and a procedure like IVF takes a lot of research and preparation. The last thing that should happen is letting the fear of needles stand in between you, your spouse and your dream!

Giving yourself an injection can be daunting. Giving yourself an injection every day? This can be a nightmare to some people. I will teach you and/or your spouse methods to reduce or eliminate the pain and anxiety that comes with this process. Still not a fan of the idea? I will come to you to give the necessary injections so you can try your best to relax, breathe, and focus on making a baby!

For those of you who are not going through IVF, the same process can be done for you too!

Mother-to-be who used a Concierge Nurse to provide her IVF injections and training.

Mother-to-be who used a Concierge Nurse to provide her IVF injections and training.

Patient who will need post-procedural care is getting surgery.

Procedural Recovery Support

Studies show that patients recover best in a comfortable, familiar and healing environment such as their home. I will come to your home, a family members home or your hotel room and create a personalized space that is conducive to healing. 

Reduce the risk of costly post-procedural complications, emergency room visits and hospitalizations with a Registered Nurse overlooking your care. I will pick you up at the procedure location and go over any paperwork and questions with your medical team. I will then take you to your preferred healing space where you can rest and recover. I will monitor your vital signs, do wound checks, necessary bandage changes, fill your prescriptions, prepare a light meal and set your environment up so that necessities are in easy reach. I will then do a next day phone call to see how your recovery is going and address any additional concerns. As always, your information will be kept confidential.

A healthy breakfast will start your day off right.

nutrition programs

The Concierge RN now offers nutrition programs including individualized meal plans and shopping lists from a  Certified Master Personal Trainer, Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist and Certified Sports Nutritionist, both within the membership care program, and separtely. Contact today for more information.

Exercise improves your health to help you live longer.

The Concierge RN  now offers fitness programs right in the comfort of your own home from a Certified Master Personal Trainer, Certified Weight Loss Specialist and Certified Group Fitness Instructor, both within the membership care program, and separately. Contact today for more information.

Everybody needs a listening ear from an empathetic, caring person.

Mental Wellness Support

Your mental health is just as, if not more important than your physical health, yet the majority of us do not seek help when needed. The Concierge RN now offers mental wellness options from a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. Contact today for more information.

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The Concierge RN is a Concierge Nurse providing professional, affordable, patient-centered, empathetic and loving care to you or your loved one in  California,  Ohio and Pennsylvania.